Gtx 560 ti artifacts

hi all

I have a msi gtx 560 ti hawk its like 4 months old and i think its already dying.I got BF3 when it came out and all was good till today when playing on online i got artifacts,missing in-game parts and crap.Now i only play bf3,wow,black ops,i play bf3 on ultra settings and i get 40-25fps.So i like to know if it is the card dying out on me or is it that im just pushing the card to its limit?b/c after geting artifacts on bf3 i test black ops and wow for 15 each and all was good.So do i need to send it back to msi?
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  1. What cpu do you have? Black Ops gave a few cpus a hard time and needed a couple of patches as well.

    What resolution are you playing at?
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    BF3 till now is full of buggies waiting for a patch to fix its problems. if the GPU is doing pretty good in the other games. so you're fine and having no problems.
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