Help with an XFX HD6750


XFX HD6750
Hannsg hh251 25" class
Vizio tv 720p
Gigabyte ep45-UD3R
Hauppauge 1250 pci-e tv tuner
Antec Earthwatt 500
Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit

Problem: No audio over HDMI.

I had a 9800GT and it went bad, XFX swapped it for a HD6750, the problem is, I had audio to the monitor through the dvi to hdmi cable that came with the monitor using a 2 wire s/pdif cable for audio pass thru.

The HD6750 has a chip on it for audio, latest windows updates and newest CCC driver suite from XFX or AMD, show the AMD audio is not plugged in, in the sound properties. Device manager is clean.

I have a multi-boot setup with XP, win 7 32 bit, win 7 64 bit and Ubuntu via wubi, ALL Windows installs are fresh with the same results as my main Win 7 that had the 9800GT and a 8400GS that I bought while the cards were swapped. The speakers on the monitor work using a 3.5mm cable connected to the mobo onboard sound (Realtek)

The 6750 has 2 dvi ports and a mini display port, using a generic dvi to hdmi and an adapter that XFX sent me, different cables, ports on the card or monitor all give me the same results.

Ubuntu shows a Juniper chip, but no sound, maybe I am missing something, I am a novice with Ubuntu, MS goes back to DOS 5, plus OS/2, and Amiga.

I have been going back and forth with XFX via a trouble ticket, they are sending me an adapter for the mini DP, to check if it works, but I suspect the card is faulty.

Has anyone had this issue?

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  1. #1 This model does not have a hdmi port, so I must use an adapter, XFX makes a "sister" card with one, but 2 hdmi outputs are needed, so if the adapter is the problem, I am still out of luck.

    #2 The 6700 series is missing from the list, I installed the set for the 6800 series and no change, I cannot reboot at the moment.

    #3 That is the problem, it is red flagged with "not plugged in"
  2. The mini displayport adapter worked.

    I have ordered a pair of the correct dvi to hdmi adapters for newer ATI cards, so hopefully those work.
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