ISA modem ok?

I noticed that my 56k modem is ISA. I know that ISA operates slower than PCI. If I upgraded to PCI, would it make my surfing any faster?
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  1. Probably not, but if it's cheap, you might as well anyway. Most current motherboards don't have ISA slots, and you'll most likely hav less compatability issues.

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  2. If it's a good modem and you're not experiencing problems with it, I suggest you just keep on using it.

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  3. Max data rate for ISA = 7.629Mbps

    Max data rate for modem = 56,000Kbps

    = ISA is 136 times faster than modem.

    Using a PCI card may increase the performance of the data <b>once</b> it reaches your system, but the bottleneck is definitely the modem.

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  4. VERY WELL PUT! Heh...even provided the calculations! Are you an engineer?

    BTW, I came to the same conclusion when I pondered replacing my $200 ISA Courier for a new PCI modem. I just didn't do the math!


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