Hard Drive Issue on Waking Windows 7

I recently installed Windows 7 RC x64. Build 4071 or something. I put the computer to sleep. Left for 2 hours, and woke it up. It freezes at the welcome screen for 15 mins. So i force a shut off. Then i boot it up and my motherboard tells me to reboot or insert boot media into device and press any key. I restart, enter the bios and my hard drive is no longer detected! So, lucky i have two hard drives in the machine (didnt back up yet unfortuantely, but i didnt do anything special). The second one was detected. So i got down, checked the power cables, the SATA cables, all looked fine. Booted again, same issue. Then i swapped cables between the two hard drives. The secondary still identifies fine.
So, it looks like the hard drive failed. My Question: Windows 7 related or just a faulty HDD?
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  1. I have since tried everything. ive swapped power and sata cables, reset my bios, unplugged other harddrives
    switched sata slots... its the HDD. i cant think of any way windows could screw it up. i thought it was a bios issue or something from windows screwing around with it or something (iunno... it could happen). but nope. :D
  2. Not sure what happened but my HD got burned after i installed the windows 7. My first time was exact same thing as what you described. But somehow i was able to detected from bios and was able to reformatted.

    Second time, i swapped the HD(i have 2 HD) and installed windows 7 again. Everything was fine and after a few hours using it, my computer crashed and i rebooted but it says boot sector not found. When i touch the HD, it was burning hot and doesn't even detect from the Bios.
  3. 4 of my hard drives killed by window 7.what's up?
  4. Quote:
    4 of my hard drives killed by window 7.what's up?

    The troll did it.
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