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Hi, I have recently built a PC. The motherboard is a msi x58a gd65. It supports raid 1 and 0.
I just purchased to 120gb ssd to used in raid 1. I have tried to access the raid utility in the bios by ctrl I but I can't.
When I enter the bios, I go to intergated peripherals I set the on chip ata device raid mode to raid, save it, and when it
Restarts it just stalls and I get a flashing cursor. Then I have to reset the bios. The 2 drives are connected and recognised
In the boot menu under advanced options.
I already have windows 7 installed on a hybrid drive and it boots up into windows and I have installed the raid utility.

I have changed the sata ports and IDE to achi and raid but nothing works.
I don't even get the option of control I like all the YouTube videos show.

Hope someone can help

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  1. Not a lot of help on specific problem, but why in HE** are you planing on using raid1 using a SSDs and a HDD. Even if you could your Raid1 would be limited to 120 gigs. This would be compounded as the Internal SSD is strickly a caching device.

    I have never heard of any one setting up a raid array using a SSD and a HDD (HDD is compounded as it has an internal (VRY) small SSD
  2. You misunderstand, I am going to be using 2x120gb ssd's in raid 1, while I have a 3tb hdd drive for storage.
    The reason I mentioned that I have a hybrid drive with win7 on it now is to state that the motherboard is working. I am going to use the hybrid drive in another pc when I get this raid array working.
  3. LOL OK. But my first comment is basicaly the same ".. why the...".
    Reason is that Raid1 is I'm sure you Know BUT to re-iterrate - Raid0 is for redunance to protect against a SINGLE drive failure. - and that is th only failure protected by raid1.
    1) SSD are very reliable, much more so than consummer HDD, and
    2) Vast majority of failure modes for the SSD would MOST likely wipe out both ssds thus raid1 offers no real protection Have some 13 SSD dating back to Intels G1 and NOT a single drive failure.

    Have seen May post regaurding using SSDs in Raid0 config (Increase performance), but none for Raid1

    However; Most likely you will need to upgrade your BIOS to the latest version.
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