New PC Are these compatible?

I am building a new PC, I already have a 500w PSU and a HD4850.




Are all these pieces compatible? will it run well?
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  1. Do you have a case to put this stuff into? It looks ok but it would help if you were to post what you intend to use the computer for and what your budget is. As far as running well it will depend on you putting it together properly and wheter you intend to overclock.
  2. I have a case to put it all in, I am intending to use it for gaming. I know the graphics card is a little weak but I will upgrade it later when I get a better PSU. Sorry this is my first time posting about computer parts so I'm not sure what to say and how to say it. I am also not intending to overclock any of it.
  3. As long as your expectations are not very high with trying to play at high settings you shouldd be ok. The one thing you want to consider though is that when you build your computer you should try to get the best components that you have money for and not to plan on upgrading too soon because you will end up wasting money if you do that. Since you have the power supply and video card and intend on upgrasding later you want to make sure that the components you are buying now will fit in with the planned upgrade.
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