ATI Radeon 5450 & Single-Link DVI-D monitor issue

I work for a construction company where I do some CAD work. I've had an Quadro FX540 for a while but the fan died sometime ago and the board needed to be replaced. So my boss bought a Diamond ATI Radeon 5450 board. My current setup includes a single-link DVI-D digital monitor and a VGA analog monitor. The VGA monitor works fine but I can't get the digital monitor to work. The card recognizes the digital monitor but won't display anything. My guess is this is a power supply issue: the min requirements for the ATI board is 400W; my Dell workstation has a 375W PSU.
So my question is two-fold: Is my guess correct? Is there anything else it could be? Also, why would the VGA monitor work but not the digital?
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  1. 2.) Yes but also with the digital only. The digital is my primary monitor and at first I assumed that would be the obvious choice.
    3.) Yes I downloaded the driver updater tool from AMD's site and updated the drivers.

  2. 1.) Pretty sure on the DVI cable
    2.) I played around in CCC for a bit. I tried cloning and extending but got nothing. As I said, CCC recognizes that the monitor is connected but it won't display anything.

  3. Something I just thought of: there is a two pin connector that I think would be for a fan but the board just has a heatsink. With no fan and no free two-pin wire I left it unconnected. Would that have anything to do with the monitor? I'm pretty sure it's just part of the spec board from AMD, right?
  4. Have you always used this monitor and cable? Any chance you need a DL cable?
  5. Yes I've used the same monitors and cables and they've worked when I had them hooked up to the FX 540. I unhooked everything, replaced the board and hooked everything back up. At first I started with just the digital monitor. I had a blank screen but a running computer. Then I shut down and switched to the VGA monitor. That one came up and I installed the latest drivers and then tried to add the second monitor. The card recognized the monitor was connected but would not display anything.
    I'm not sure what is a DL cable?
  6. Dual link rather then single link. High resolutions require a dual link cable. If you've had this working before, then that's not the issue.

    If you can't get the DVI to work by itself, I'm tempted to see the card is bad. I can't think of any other reason why DVI by itself won't work. Can you link what card you have exactly?
  7. I can but it'll have to wait for Monday morning. Is there a way that I can test the board?
  8. You already did.

    At first I started with just the digital monitor. I had a blank screen but a running computer.

    That should have worked. Unless the cable has gone bad. I'm out of ideas.
  9. OK. It's monday morning and here's the link to the board I have:
    An interesting thing happened this morning: I tried to plug in the digital monitor and see if it would work and it did... for about 5 minutes. While I was rearranging things on the each monitor I clicked on the CCC install icon and clicked off it and went to get another icon moved and the CCC installer started and the digital monitor went blank. I don' think the particular icon had anything to do with it but it does suggest the PSU may be bad or not powerfull enough. Then again nothing else has crashed.
    So it could be a bad board, the connections for the DVI output are bad and only fire intermittantly. Or it's the PSU that doesn't produce enough power to run the board with more than one monitor. I'm tempted to believe it's the board since it worked for a few minutes today and died.
    Any other possibilities or problems with those theories? I'd rather not just replace the board if the PSU could be the issue or causing the board to go bad.
    Thanks for the help!
    ETA: My board's heat sink does not cover the entire board as in the pictures on the website, just the center section.
  10. Perhaps use one of those driver cleaner programs then? I'm still thinking it might be a cable issue, perhaps try a DL cable instead of the SL cable you have.
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