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Difference between Windows XP and Windows XP Corporate Student's Editi

Hello, can anyone tell me the difference between Windows XP Professional 32-bit and Windows XP Professional Corporate Student's Edition 32-bit?
I am planning to install the latter but i am worried about hardware issues. Thanks in advance!
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  1. I've never heard of a "windows XP Pro corporate student edition". I'm assuming this is some downloaded torrent?

    Back when I picked up my copy of winXP student I got it from my bookstore. It is nothing more then a copy of WinXP pro. With what I can only assume is a key that MS assumes will be on more then one computer.
  2. There is no difference between pro and corp edition, and there is no student edition for windows (though there is a student edition of Office).

    The real issue is that the corp edition is for volume liscensing only, and it is theft to install this on your own personal machine (unless you have your own volume liscense agreement with MS... and if you did then you would not be asking this question).

    Besides XP is pretty old, it is time to move on to win7, win8CP, or to try a copy of linux.
  3. Really, Tikli. You should get a copy of Windows 7 64 bit. XP 32 bit is going to disappont you and let you down in situations in which a 64 bit Win 7 is really needed.
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    You are entitled to your subjective opinion of theft

    Before thread is locked I wanted to point out while you are entitled to your subjective opinions on theft, yours are likely to get you a visit from those men in uniforms while mine is not. Toms does NOT allow piracy on their website so you might want to tone those feelings down a bit unless you like a ban/vacation. I know I'm not a mod, but I know where your path will lead you.
  6. Quote:
    You are entitled to your subjective opinion of theft, but theft requires someone to steal or be a thief. Public information is public, and cannot be stolen. If you want to write a piece of software, keep it unreleased, and stick your little floppy disk in a safe or lockbox somewhere, this is your business. If someone steals this floppy disk, there is a theft.

    The same goes for art of any kind. If a physical theft does not occur, it does not occur. A scan of a book, or download of music or software is information. If it is released public, it cannot be stolen. Public information, data, or knowledge cannot be stolen. However the medium on which information is stored can be stolen (a physical CD, DVD, floppy disk, a book taken from a store).

    Just because the corporate-government system makes silly little rules backed by violent men in uniforms, doesn't mean that is the natural order of the universe.

    I believe both versions of XP you are referring to are the same. The main versions of XP are Starter, Home, and Professional, (there are also media center editions, and a 64 bit version).

    The position is woefully misguided. I recommend you take some time to re-evaluate your stance on theft.
  7. I don't advocate piracy, or theft. Sharing of data is not piracy or theft. I am not advocating someone share or obtain data from torrents or any other method. If you like little men in uniforms, that is your business, and if you like to purchase each copy of windows you buy, that is your business.

    I am not advocating someone download windows for free, or purchase it. I am merely pointing out we all have subjective opinions, and just because one opinion is backed up by violence does not make more necessarily more, or less relevant than other opinions, it just means this opinion is backed by violence.

    I do not advocate violence, or any system of violence or coercion.
  8. There is nothing subjective about your opinions/views. Sharing of data, in your example, could indeed be theft and is certainly piracy in the proper context.

    Whether you are ambivalent to reality or not, is irrelevant. You are entitled to your opinions and to be wrong.

    Seriously. You should take a step back from your statements and consider how they must look to others.
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