Should I get the GTX 570 hd sc?

Hello everyone!
I do have a GTX 260 for the moment, and I am concidering buying the evga gtx 570 hd super clocked, and putting my 260 as physx.
How does that sound?
I have around 200 euros to spend, and I do have the chance to get the 570 for 219 euros here in Finland (Norhern Europe).
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  1. EDIT: my system spec will be in my sig when I get home and have the possibility to access my computer, I posted this trough my phone at school.
  2. A GTX 570 and GTX 260? What do you have for a PSU?

    Are you in a hurry to pick up the new card? GTX 6xx video cards are starting to arrive.
  3. My rig is:
    AMD pheom x2 9950 BE oc 3.0GHz
    Antec 900
    Corsair 850w
    Ocz 4GB dual channel 800 MHz RAM
    XFX GTX 260 896 MB
    ASUS AM2+ mobo

    Benq 24" 1080p led monitor

    What upgrade would be most worth it?
  4. New CPU, Ram and Mobo, whats your upgrade budget.
  5. Well I have also considered buying a new rig this summer, because there isnt really any good market in this country for semi old computer components. I have 200 euros to spend now, and I cant really buy for US prices..
  6. not worth upgrading cpu for 200 euros.

    depending on the games you play, the 570 might not be worth it either.
  7. I was thinking exactly the same, because I already have quad core at 3Ghz..
    Should I upgrade anything now, or just wait until summer when i have more money? (I play some Physx games, sometimes mw3 etc etc..)
    What I am really looking forward to is to be able to max out Diablo 3 and stuff..
  8. I would think you'd have no problem running d3 on high setting on the 260 but I would think you should definitely wait to upgrade everything.

    I think you need both a gpu and cpu upgrade pretty much equally. They system should still hold out for a while tho.
  9. Yes wait till you have more money
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