Best GPU config for Multi-Display Gaming. Please assist!

Hi all,

I need some advice and instruction on the best GPU configuration for my upcoming build. I plan to start ordering parts within a week's time, and wanted to get a better sense of what GPU config would be best for me.

This will be multi-display gaming build (nvidia surround or amd crosfire). I already have 3 monitors, they are 1900x1200 Dell U2410's with the XFX Triple Display Stand.

I want to be able to run BF3 superbly with surroudn or crossfire. Is my best possible choice Dual 580 3GB? Or, will the more economical Dual 6970 2GB do the job? Or perhaps there are other options? Again, I would like to build with what's available on the market today, and my max budget for the GPU config will be basically what the Dual 580 3GB option would cost. The only added consideration I would like to weigh, is that I would not like to max my budget if the config will succumb to hyper depreciation.. well, who would I guess?

Thanks in advance, I appreciate anybody's assistance in this topic.
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  1. dual 6970's should be plenty for bf3.
  2. Dual 6970s 2gb or even the 6950s 2gb versions. Amd Gpus scale a little bit better at resolutions like 5760 x 1080/1200.
  3. I'm considering exactly the same question - what is the right GPU setup to drive 3xDell U2410s?

    I'm erring towards 2x580s (the MSI Lightning Extreme 3GBs) over 2x7970s because there is some suggestion that the drivers are not quite there yet for 2x7970s.

    Curious whether you have looked at this.

    As for 2x580s vs 2x570s, I decided after a lot of Google searches and reviews that nothing else will quite get me there in terms of fps etc.
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