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just wondering which of these platforms has a good upgradability in the future? lga 1155 or X79? what i mean is i once had a Q6600 + P45 lasted for 5 years... survived 3 Crysis titles :evil: and good at everything... just died on Far Cry 3... worried about Haswell and the future and based on my research the socket 1155 is a dead end and X79 will take over the latter... any advice? thanks...
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  1. if you are those guys that think they can upgrade, intel isnt the way to go. they update their sockets every 2 gens.

    AMD is the only one that would have their sockets last in time for a 3-4 year upgrade cycle. but by then you already want a new board.

    in the end, upgrading isnt really a option for consideration
  2. x79 is a chipset, 2011 is the socket. But it is a completely different segment and really is not recommended for gaming. The extra cores are useless and is a generation behind (almost 2 soon) so is not what you want. As troll said, intel changes socket every 2 generations. 1155 is on its way out when 1150 comes out this summer. So you can either get 1155 now or wait for 1150.
  3. because x79 wasnt really meant for gaming. they dont perform a single fps better than a i5 3570k
  4. k1114 said:
    The extra cores are useless and is a generation behind

    Also why get a $600 cpu when a $200 cpu gets the same performance? Most games are gpu dependent so spend more money on graphics cards. The cpu just need to be good enough to not hold back the gpu.
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