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Ok so i'm planning on building a computer submersed in mineral oil. I've done extensive research on doing this, as it's my first time. My question is this: can i use PrimoCHILL Dye Bomb to dye the mineral oil? I know mineral oil is non-conductive which is why you can submerse computer parts in it safely. So all i want to know is, is this dye non-conductive and if i can't use it does anyone know if there are any dyes that i CAN use.
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  1. You think a water-soluble dye will disperse in mineral oil?
    I'm not convinced it will tbh but I hope it works out for you :)
  2. Nonconducting means non conducting. The dye should be fine. The easiest (but not necessarily safest) way is to mix some in a bowl to the desired strength, stick an electrified wire in and see if it transmits the power to the other side of the container with a multimeter. Make sure you ground the other side of the multimeter. If you are doing a mineral oil build, you have money, and you are immersing nice sh*t. So I would do yourself a favor and give that a good test before you accidentally short out something with a conductive solution.

    Lastly, don't reuse the stuff you tried out. Numerous reasons, I don't care to list them all.

    Good luck!
  3. actually since this is my first build I'm building fairly cheap, so if something goes wrong i'm not out a bunch of money. Thanks for the advice though... I'll deffinately test that out before i submerse anything.
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