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Lcd monitor goes black even if it is stays on

why does my computer monitor goes black but when i turned it off and on again i goes perfectly well for few seconds then turns black again.when i tried to other monitor it runs perfectly,cable is properly connected.can you help me with this?thank you.
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    When you turn your computer off your monitor goes black?
    If there's no signal it will go into a sort of power saving mode. No use for it to stay on as there's no signal.
    Unless your talking about when you leave the pc for 20 min or so and windows lets the screen dim itself
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  3. for a more detailed history,i made some changes in my computer like removing virus using online scan and did defragmentation and then when everything seems fine i turned it off.when i rebooted it again the monitor went black without even starting up unless i turn it on again and then turn off but the problem persist with no interruption to the running program.
  4. How long was the monitor of for before you started your pc up again? Whats the monitors name and model?
  5. its a dell 3000 17" lcd monitor i am using now before i'm using smaller one. not more than 30 minutes i turned it on again and there the problem occur.wait,just before it start up there's a note here that says set up utilities and misconfigured system and the BIOS thing. thanks a lot
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