Not support 4 G RAM

Hello, my motherboard is gigabyte 945pl-s3 and support 4 G RAM. i install 4*1 G
RAM on 4 slot but my memory was shown 3.25G . my OS is 64 bit.
plz help me
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  1. What is your video card?
  2. gigabyte Nvidia Geforce 9500 GT (1Gb) (WDDM V.1.1)
  3. Even my Laptop has Windows 8 64Bit OS, with 2 x 2GB total 4GB shows up in system panel as 3.5GB, this is nornal, some of the RAM is used for internal OS purposes.

    A scan using CPUZ software shows the full size of all the memory which for me is 2 x 2GB 1333MHz DDR3.
  4. ^ that.
  5. Wath's your means from "that"?
  6. What's your means from" that" ?
  7. Webpro explained it.
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