Can I fit gtx 460 card in mac pro 1 1

Hi, I want to upgrade my std GT7300 in my Mac Pro 1.1 as it is NOT good for gaming. I am running XP on my machine and and is looking for a good option for future games. I will appreciate any advice!

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  1. hehe mac user is trying to game here, anyways i think the pcie x16 is a 1.1 slot, not a 2.0 slot. So Im not sure what to do here.
  2. Hi, what other options do I have like -maybe a GTX 280?
  3. you dont have any other option. AFAIK, you cant add hardware to macs.
    also, 99.999% of the games dont run on macs. so a gpu upgrade is worthless, unless you run windows on them.
  4. Yes, I ran Windows XP SP3 on the Mac Pro and can install Windows 7 if needed!
  5. I read somewhere that 2.1 graphic card cannot be put in 1.1 slot, because of the "compatibility". I may be wrong. Anyways, to be on the safe side, pick the 2.0 GPU, the GTX 460 if im not wrong.
  6. Hi, the 8800 GT which Apple recommends to replace the 7300 GT is a PCI-E 2.0 x16 slot.
  7. I am at present in Kosovo and I have been at the Mac Franchise and they only support laptops here. So, I do not have any Mac support and is looking at alternatives to upgrade my graphic card. Where ever I come and I mentioned I got a Mac they sent me straight back to the Apple guys. So, I just want to walk into a store, by something which will work and come to install it myself!!!!

    All advice/recommendations will be appreciated.

    Thanks for the replies up to now!! It is nice to learn from the experience of other in order not to make the same mistakes.
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