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Unsupported CPU Installed, Why?

I bought a new i5 3570k for my HP computer, and it woke up to a bios error. It shows all the info, and says unsupported CPU installed. Why?

The PC:
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    It shows right on the website you linked what it supports.

    Intel Core i5-3xxxT (Ivy Bridge) Dual Core up to 35W
    Intel Core i5-3xxxT (Ivy Bridge) Quad Core up to 45W
    Intel Core i5-3xxxS (Ivy Bridge) Quad Core up to 65W

    No where in that list is the i5-3570K
  2. Have you tried updating your bios?
  3. I think your out of luck unoriginal1 is right the website doesn't list i5-3570K as an option, not to mention the i5-3570K is a 77w and the max listed is 65w. You need to check what your motherboard can do before you order upgrades.
  4. Well, that sucks. Guess im saving up for a new motherboard, and at least I have the cute little Intel box it comes in XD
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