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I've just completed my first build (sabertooth z77, i7-3770k, 16gb vengeance, ocz psu, cooler master hyper 212 plus, corsair obsidian 550d case). The motherboard has power as the power led is solidly on, but hitting the front power button or jumping the power pins does nothing. All connections have been checked and rechecked. The system will not power on.

I noticed that the bios flashback light is blinking. It blinks 6 times then hiccups then blinks 6 times again ad infinitum. Since the machine has not gone through POST yet I don't know if the bios light blinking is normal or not so I'm hesitant about updating the bios at this point and making the problem worse.

Anyone have any suggestions as to the lack of power up or reason for the blinking light? My next step is going to be to dis-assemble the mb from the case and try to power up outside the case, but if anyone has any other approach I'd love to hear it. Thanks in advance.
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  1. Your BIOS prolly needs to be updated. Im 99% sure that the sabertooths came with ix-3xxx BIOS tho.

    Also, try switching your "reset" and "power" switches to see if it is the power switch itself. (not typical)

    And what the hell is a "BIOS Flashback light"? According to your user manual you should have 5 lights. Power light, RAM light, CPU light, Boot Device light, VGA light. But it doesn't mention any other lights. (page 2-16)
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