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Hello, i have a crappy homebuilt system thats been working fine forever. then suddenly it starts to crash when i open games. i try lots of stuff nothing works but suddenly it starts working again, a few weeks go by and now its started again. its beeen 2 days noe and it has not fixed itself. i have checked drivers and cleaned it... i have also pushed lotsa buttons..

when the games crash my screen turns black (like its changing resulotion, somtimes the hz goes to 75 instead of 60 but that might be somthing it does when playing games always) then the game comes back and it goes back and fortsh a few times.. then i get blue screen and my computer resarts..

after it turns black the first time i pust alt+f4 so i dont get blue screen and it works, i quit to desktop with no problem.

i changed to a tv-screen couple months ago btw, but changing back to a pc screen did not help..
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  1. Sounds like your PSU is dead.

    All electronic parts get old after a while, the PSUs are just usually the fastest to break.

    Problems with them can mask themselves as problems with anything else, which makes it tricky to test them a lot of times.

    Can you borrow a PSU from somewhere and put it in your PC temporarily?
  2. install the latest drivers , and find and enable Vsync
  3. Technically speaker the PSU isn't dead, or else it wouldn't power up at all. It might be dying and causing the issue, but its not "dead".

    Hard to diagnose a problem if we don't know the parts involved. Specs would be great. You can also start with the usual things like cleaning the heat sinks, checking temps and voltages, making sure windows doesn't have a virus, etc.
  4. The gate guard that was stationed at the great wall of China that was paid off by Genghis Khan to just open the door did fail in his duties to ensure that the Mongolian hordes were kept out of China and he did cause his whole country and most of the continent of Asia to get conquered and all.

    But yes, technically he was a gate guard.

    Regardless if you technically call the PSU a butterfly, it still sounds like the problem child which is the only thing that is really important.

    Calling it "technically not dead" sounds like you are giving it more credit than it sounds like it deserves.

    I don't see the need to draw the line here and not there. What is the useful purpose of saying things like "on its deathbed" rather than just "dead"?

    It isn't like it can be trusted to go into another computer or anything like that. If it does get switched out and everything does get fixed instantly (likely) then it is likely going straight in the trash can anyway...
  5. Because dead is dead. Watch The Princess Bride again if you don't understand.

    Its more likely a heat issue or bad ram. PSU is but one possibility. Is it still "dead" if the problem is the CPU getting to hot?
  6. If a CPU gets too hot then it is not dead. If anything that would prove it is not dead. The job of a CPU is to perform calculations and create heat in the process. If it is obviously creating heat then it is doing its job effectively.

    If a CPU is getting too hot, then the cooling system is "dead" and needs to be replaced or perhaps fixed if possible.

    With PSUs, fixing it isn't a real possibility unlike with CPU cooling fans. Replacing the thermal paste can potentially "fix" a processor cooling solution, whereas no equivalent exists for "fixing" a dead PSU that is cost-effective. People would pay more to fix a PSU than the cost of buying a new one.

    In any event, I will take your bet. You get heat issues and bad RAM and I will take bad PSU.
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