Is nvidia gts 250 compatible for asus p5kpl-am motherboards


I have Asus motherboard P5kpl-am/PS with 2GB DDR2 ram and 240watt snps..Will Nvidia Gts 250 will be good buy for my computer..I also have 9500 GT in my mind.

please help me with few options so i can check the price and buy the best 1 in my budget
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  1. Yes it will work, but I am assuming your budget is around 100, look for a 460 or a 550ti :)
  2. Not with a 240W PSU/SNPS. That will only power low end cards.
  3. Yes, you need to upgrade PSU first, with 240W PSU isn't enough to run higher card (most gaming card needs extra power from PSU).

    May I know the other specs? CPU? Monitor? budget?
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