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hi friends,i am looking to upgrade my mobo,the one that i am using is very bad

I need a good but budget motherboard,somewhere in the 75$ category

it needs to have a PCIe 2.0 x 16 slot for the HD 6670 i am going to buy and needs to have an AM3 socket for my ATHLON II x2 3.00 GHz processor,(i am planning to go for PHENOM II X4 in the near future,so please keep that in mind as well)
ram ddr3

please suggest me a board guys,i am absolutely at a loss as to what to go for,Asrock????asus???gigabyte???etc etc etc
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  1. thanks friend but these are am3+ boards,my processsor is perhaps an am3 processor,so wont there be any compatibility issues????
  2. It supports am3 cpus.
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