Will this cpu/gpu be good enough to play this game without any lag...

Will this cpu/gpu be good enough to play this game without any lag....Will it be good online aswell
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The game: Age of Empires Online, which in a newer game than Age of Empires 3

How well will it do, anyone have any experience with this cpu/gpu playing this game? I ask because it a triple core and only 2.1ghz. I know that the requirements are dual core 2ghz, but i am wondering if 2.1ghz will run the game in top quality and no lag. I don`t know if the other core will kick in or if it will be useless if the cpu`s need more juice. And lets just forget that is is max 2.4ghz and just pretend it is 2.1ghz.....would it do well, and will it be because all three cores will work for the game or will it be that the two cores are just meeting the standards....i hope some1 can understand what i mean.
ultimately, will the 3 cores work together making a top quality game experience, or will just the two cores work together meating game standards and possibly not function as well, thanks.
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  1. eh it may do ok. I my self would just grad a I3 and a GT 430 or 7750
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    I play it with some lag on a Pentium P6200 with 4GB with no other programs open. However the lag only occurs during load and cut-scenes, it never shows while actually playing.

    I have high hopes that it will work but the game will likely make use of the third core. A GPU upgrade is also best for the system for faster load time, yet I only see it as optional as the CPU can take the load.
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