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Hey guys, I have a quick question in concern to the 970A-DS3 mobo. I have already ordered one and it is on its way. How can I tell which revision i have ordered (1.0, 1.1, 3.0)? I'm going to be using an FX-6300 CPU with it and I've heard you have to update the BIOS first before you can install AM3+ CPU's. If it comes as revision 3.0 would I still have to update the BIOS before using my AM3+ CPU? I only ask because I don't own any other AMD CPU's so I want to know if I'm about to be royally screwed or not. Here's a link to the one I purchased...

If you guys need any more info just ask.

Any help, as always, is greatly appreciated.

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  1. Well, after further research I discovered that, based on gigabytes website, rev. 1.0 will support my FX 6300. So lets hope for the best and this thread can be closed. Thank you.
  2. If you could let me know your result, that would be great.

    I just received a 1.1 board and my 6300 CPU. Waiting on the RAM to arrive so I cannot test until that drops through the door. I'll post here once my rig's working and running. Until its turned on, I can't see any way of checking the BIOS revision.

    Slightly more positive, the box does read "New AM3+ CPU Support BIOS installed". I assume that means I wont have a problem, we shall see!
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