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Mini-ITX & mobile processors

February 12, 2013 12:56:46 AM

This might be stupid question but wasn't the series of MB's designed for ultra low power? I was wondering if anyone makes a Mini-ITX MB with an Intel i7-3667U mobile processor - seems that would be pretty sweet compared to the power requirements of the desktop processors in such a small footprint. The mobile processor family would be perfect for a headless NAS / media server or HTPC.... does nayone make them?

Also I noticed there is a Mini-ATX which supposedly was designed for this type of purpose in mind - the whole "Mobile on Destop Technology" are they no longer making these in favor of the more popular Mini-ITX or Micro-ATX (I dont even see too many Micro-ATX's around let alone the small Pico-ITX MB's...

Im only curious as I wanted to build up a small PC thats super power efficient - and was originally leaning to the Ivy Bridge i5-3470T part on perhaps an ASUS P8Z77-I . The i5-3470T part (2.9Ghz[normal], 3.6Ghz[turbo]; 3MB cache, Graphics 650Mhz[normal]. 1100Mhz [turbo]) all with 35W TDP -- would be perfect.... then i was looking at the mobile line up and saw the i7-3667U with an insane 17W TDP at 3.2Ghz.

And was wondering if anyone makes small form factor MB's with Intels mobile processors? And if not why?

I know someone is gonna make some 'wise-guy' comment about getting a laptop, but it would be really nice to have such low power cpu in a media server / NAS / HTPC server that one can leave on 24/7 and not worrying about the electric bill so much....

I did see something by a company called jetway that claims to have a MiniITX G2 socket, but dont think its compatible with the newer i7-3667U part (which uses soldered BGA)... unless there is a company that makes interposers for the intel mobile processors perhaps?