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Hi, can we (the original thread creators) please have a button that we can click to select the best answer because I've made a few threads here but I haven't been able to select a best answer. Having to message a moderator or however it's done right now isn't very quick or easy.
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  1. There is a button to select best answer in any question type thread, discussions and polls do not have it.

    edit: a quick look at all the threads you have posted in shows me that they are all discussion type not question type this is why you cannot see the button.
  2. Oh well that explains why, still it would be nice for questions asked in discussion threads. I guess i'll just stick with the thumbs up button for now :)
  3. Discussions are for just that. They don't usually have a 'best answer.'

    If you open a question thread, there is usually a specific answer to the topic.

    If you open a discussion instead of a question by accident, as moderators we can change it if you want. But the only way you can select a best answer is if it's a question type thread.
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