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I've learned by reading Tom's Hardware that HDMI (not 1.4a) is limited to 24 FPS. Does that apply to all usage scenarios or only 3D?
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  1. Wow thats funny, mine is doing 120hz from my pc to the tv.

    I beleive you are mixing up 24P the movie industry playback speed with what hdmi is actually capable of.
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    I believe there is some misleading information in that article. The maximum of 24FPS is for watching 3D movies. When a 3D capable Blu-Ray player plays back a 3D movie, the BR player transmits the video signal to an HDTV at 48Hz instead of the normal 60Hz. Each Hz represents 1 frame so in 48Hz mode 48 frames are sent to the HDTV, in 60Hz mode (regular non 3D movie) 60 frames are sent to the HDTV.

    48Hz equates to 24 frames because 24 frames are sent to each eye. Your brain processes the two separate frames from each eye to create the impression that you are seeing a 3D movie.

    While 60Hz mode means the BR player is sending 60 frames per second to the HDTV, that does not mean you are actually watching a movie at 60 FPS. Movies in the US have a frame rate of 23.978 per second. A process called 3:2 pulldown or inverse telecine is used to "cut out" the excess duplicate frames so that the movie is played back at 23.978 FPS. TV shows are recorded at 30 FPS, so dividing the video signal in half will result in the HDTV to correctly display 30 FPS.

    As for playing games, HDMI is limited to 60Hz or a maximum of 60FPS on a "normal" monitor. For 120Hz monitors HDMI is limited to 120Hz or a maximum of 120 FPS (assuming your graphics card can pump out that many frames) when playing in 2D mode. All 3D monitors are 120Hz so maximum performance you can get is 60 FPS when playing 3D games. Again 60 frames per eye so that the brain will receive two frames at a time (one from each eye) to fooling into thinking you are seeing something in 3D.
  3. ^ so it all comes down to the monitor's refresh rate and HDMI is not a bottleneck in any way, right?
  4. youssef 2010 said:
    ^ so it all comes down to the monitor's refresh rate and HDMI is not a bottleneck in any way, right?

    No, HDMI is not a bottleneck.
  5. Great. Thanks for all the help,guys. You're the best
  6. I have a radeon HD 6950 and I want to buy this monitor:

    I was just asking How much should I pay for an HDMI 1.4a cable? and what are the recommended brands? I don't need more than 10ft.

    I also want to know whether it's better to use an HDMI to HDMI cable or a DVI to HDMI cable.
  7. *sigh*, 24FPS is for movies on blu-ray. HDMI 1.3 is capable of 60Hz @ 1080p and 120Hz @ 720p. HDMI 1.4 has the bandwidth to handle 120Hz @ 1080p.
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