CPU Temp And a noise

Hello, Just wanted to ask what kind of temp is normal for a Intel i7 870, i'm getting around 66C Max, around 40C idle. Also I have this crackle/stutter in my audio whenever my GPU get's to about 60C which it should be able to handle (GTX680) also had it with my last card (HD5870) i thought maybe the Sound "chip"
or whatever it is on the motherbaord is getting hot because of the gpu maybe?
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  1. whoop's, didn't realize i posted this twice, can someone delete this thread?
  2. if your using the stock cooler those numbers look fine. I look inside your build and see where the cabling is if you put the audio cable for the mb near the cpu or over it..as the fans max out your picking up electronic chatter.
  3. Yeah it's the stock cooler, i've looked inside & all the cable's are out of the way of any fan's.
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