Best cooling for 6990


What is the best cooling for 2 6990s?

Is it liquid cooling? Problem may be that they are too close together however.

The case was an original alienware case a few years old, but has been since upgraded from a 4870x2 to the 6990, 980x, 12 gig ddr ram, asus p6t deluxe v2 board.

Seems that when I enable both cards, the system reboots itself, but runs fine with the one. The only thing I can think of is that it is getting too hot and needs to stop.

That is the only time its rebooted.

Running windows 7.

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  1. is liquid cooling.6990 is a powerhouse but it requires extreme cooling to run cool under load.and for crossfire,your heat gets doubled.i would suggest liquid cooling.
    these things look pretty good to me-

    BTW alienware case looks seksy.....
  2. yeah this card is prone to severe thermal shutdowns, cant even run games on the default cooler on my old one, had to put an arctic accelero on it to even run the card without running in the mid 90s.
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