Upgrading to Gtx 580 mind problem?

Hi, guys! Im xaegant.

I have a money to spent for a new video card and monitor to play battlefield 3 at max settings with 4x deferred aa. Now im using my old monitor with a resolution of 1440x900 and a video made by ati/amd(6870). My problem is, I am debating myself what gtx 580 will choose, because the price range of each different brand of video card are the same. The monitor that, I will buy after my video card was bought is a 27" Lg E2750v with a resolution of 1920x1080p. Also how effective this card with ambient temperature of 60-70c and against the dog hair and dust?

This are the list of video card that im choosing:

-Evga gtx 580 superclocked 1.5gb
-Evga gtx 580 superclocked 1,5gb Double shot
-Asus gtx 580 direct cu ii 1.5gb
-Gainward gtx 580 Phantom 3gb

I will receiving my money after November 1
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  1. Asus
  2. Gainward would be my pick here just because I like to see it and its smaller than the Asus variant but both are pretty much the same
  3. The MSI Lightning series has a fan that cleans itself by spinning backwards for a few seconds at startup. Just the thing for a house full of dog hair and dust.
  4. If the price of these cards are identical, my pick would be the Gainward, if you have a case with good airflow.

    Just be aware that it take up 3 slots (physically about 2.5 slots).
  5. So now in a minute of time to buy the card im choosing msi gtx 580 3gb lightning extreme, but my friend suggest to get a 2 6970 sapphire. what is the best card to get between this card?
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    Yes, the 6970's in Crossfire will get a few more FPS, but they will be more expensive, noisier, hotter, and will be more prone to game and driver incompatibilities. A single MSI Lightning Extreme will be a more stable experience, and will do everything you need it to with plenty of horsepower to spare. Plus, as a bonus you get PhysX with the GTX 580, in case you planned to play any of the Batman: Arkham games.
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