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Hello TH,

Just have a quick question. I'm going to be building my first custom build in June because I'm waiting for Ivy Bridge to come out.

I found the following power supply:

It's a reasonably good price and I'm considering buying it tonight because of the good price. I wouldn't be using it for 2 months, and I would want to know if it is DOA because after 30 days I can't return it to Newegg for a replacement. Note that I can't put it in a computer to check because I don't have a desktop, only a laptop at the moment.

Finally to the question: Is there any way to check if a PSU is DOA without hooking it up to a computer?

Thanks in advance for the answers! :)
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  2. Could this damage the PSU or void my warranty in any way?
  3. It won't damage the PSU if done correctly. You would need to read the warranty to verify if it would be voided. Another option is to get a PSU power tester like the Rosewill RTK PST:

    Edit: What's nice about the tester is that you can connect a variety of cables and you get voltage readouts for all the voltage rails. I have one and it's helped me ID some bad PSUs. The only bad thing about either method is that you don't get a test under load.
  4. Ok. Thanks for the info!
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  6. AndrewK1 said:
    Ok. Thanks for the info!

    You're welcome!
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