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My computer wont turn on

about a month ago i came here for help in picking a new power supply and graphics card. I was told to get a Corsair CX V2 430 and the graphics card was Radeon HD6770. I got the power supply about a week ago there was no direction what so ever on how to install it i think i plugged in everything right and the computer wouldn't come on but there was a yellow light on inside the tower. I was than told that i needed to replace the power supply so i returned it and i was sent a new one. Today i got the new one again no directions on how to install it i think i installed everything right again and still the computer wont turn on but there's a yellow light on inside the tower. I have not installed the graphics card yet. any idea why my computer wont turn on? my computer is a dell inspiration 530 not the slim version
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  1. Installation is simple, just plug in the cables in the same spots as the old one. Here is a guide that can help step 7 is the PSU
  2. from that guide it looks like i have everything connected right but still nothing
  3. That motherboard has an auxiliary 4-pin power plug (bottom left in picture here):

    Just a wild guess, but did you make sure that's plugged in? It's easy to overlook. And also sometimes possible to plug in backwards, which can also cause problems since it's polarized. So another thing to check for (make sure the pins match in the direction they're facing)
  4. yep i already had that plugged in
  5. Can you elaborate on the yellow light? Is it on the motherboard? Case?

    Also, full system specs would be helpful.
  6. its a small yellow light on the motherboard
    dell inspiron 530
    intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 450 @2.20GHz 2.19GHz
    ram 2.0gb
    intel G33/G31 express chipset family
  7. also you need to plug a 6 or 8 pin connector to the video card you bought the old stock cards dont need power.
    also check your power plugs on your drives you may have missed a pin and the ps wont power on do to a short.
  8. I haven't installed the graphics card yet i cant even get it to power up. and this power supply has a connector for the graphics card
  9. Is it possible that the power supply is not turned on?
  10. no it on since the yellow light on the mother board goes off when i flip the switch on the back on the power supply
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    You're CPU doesn't have integrated graphics. You need to put a GPU in before you try to power it on.

    Edit: Scratch that, it's on your chipset. Although it might be worth it to try installing the GPU, just in case the onboard video is broken.
  12. I did as you said and installed the graphics card and it powered right up. but now i'm having other issues.
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