HD3D questions

Few questions about AMD HD3D.

So, does it work with 1080p or only 720p? Can I play and watch 1080p in 3D?

Which cable does it need? HDMI 1.4a, DVI or Display port?
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  1. Assuming you are referring to AMD GPU setups (Nvidia can use HD3D as well):
    - HDMI 1.4a can only play at 60hz per eye at 720p, but movies are 24hz, so bluray 3D will work at 1080p. You will want 60hz per eye to play games.
    - For 120hz, or 60hz per eye in 3D at 1080p, you need Displayport which I believe Samsung is the only one offering these. I believe they are the 750 and 950 series monitors.
    - For Nvidia cards, dual-link DVI is used for 60hz per eye 3D gaming. Even when using HD3D.
  2. OK, thank you for the answer. I ment AMD GPUs.

    So, if I want BIG 3D picture, is it possible in gaming use? I know that there are computer screens that can do 120hz and support Displayport or DVI, but if I want to game with video projector can I use it only for 720p 3D?

    I mean, aren´t projector usually with HDMI only?
  3. If you use HDMI gaming, you have to have HDMI 1.4a and you will be limited to 720p @ 60hz per eye or 1080p @ 24hr per eye.

    Otherwise, you need Displayport, or Nvidia with a dual-link DVI port and Nvidia 3D certified for 1080p @ 60hz per eye.
  4. Thanks. Do you happen to if there are any video projectors of that kind?
  5. No idea.
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