Why do ata100 also call udma100?

For example the abit kt7-a, the controller said ata/100 but the specification udma 33/66/100. Can someone explain? Thanks

ps: what does ata and udma stand for?
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  1. udma 100 and ATA 100 mean the same thing.. connotatively anyways..

    ATA - (AT attachment) and was a developed as a standard long before dma or udma transfer modes were developed for ATA/ATAPI devices.

    UDMA - ultra direct memory addressing

    The confusion probaby comes from some drive manufacturers using the label ATA (which is really supposed to be a standard that defines features) and appending the 33/66/100 for those udma transfer modes, which leads to other manufacturers of various components doing the same. Yet there really is no such thing as a ATA 100 transfer mode, but they still do it. I don't know why this got started beyond marketing reasons..(It might of been a Quantum thing.. I'm not sure) it's real easy to do though since ATA/ATAPI features that define the newer standards are basically limited to the increased bandwidth additions. For whatever reason and for all intended purposes, ATA33/66/100 will mean the same as UDMA33/66/100.

    ***Hey I run Intel... but let's get real***
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