How to connec wireless and add netflix

i have dsl internet in one room. i have lg bd300 in another rm. how do i set it up. so i can watch netflix on it.
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  1. Assuming you have combo dsl modem+router (most dsl users do, but not all):

    [dsl modem+router]<-- wire -->[lg bd300]

    If you want wireless, obviously you'll need to add a wireless router/AP. And since I believe the lg bd300 doesn't support wireless either natively or by the addition of wireless adapters, you'd have to use a wireless ethernet bridge:

    [dsl modem+router]<-- wire -->[wireless router/AP]<-- wireless -->[wireless ethernet bridge]<-- wire -->[lg bd300]

    Then just open your Netflix account, connect to the service through the lg bd300’s Netflix interface, and enjoy.
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