SSD + Z68 advice needed...Rebuild

Well I have to go back to Microcenter to buy new optical drives for my PC...figured I may grab a SSD while there.

I currently have a 1TB 7200 Seagate Barricuda HDD, and was thinking it may be nice to take advantage of SSD technology. My board allows caching, but I really dont know too much about that. Need some advice, do I get a small SSD and enable the caching, or get a 2XX Gig SSD and use the HDD as storage, and use the SSD as OS + Applications...?

Would love some input from you guys...Build is based on the Gigabyte z68x ud3h-b3 MB, and a 2500K.

Also have 16Gig Ram because it was soooo cheap.

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  1. Most reviews of Z68 MBs and SRT - Bottom line was that a single SSD used as a OS + program drive was Best. SRT with a SMALL SSD, only if you can not afford the larger SSD. SRT only increases HDD performance By 2x - 4 x and is highly dependent on usage (effectiveness of caching algorthium). SSD for OS + program provides a much greater performance boost.

    Have 2 Desktops and Two Laptops, all with SSDs as a OS + program driver. Recommended size is 120/128 gig drive (Min is 60 gig).

    My SSD of choice is the marvel based SSD (Curcial M4, Intel 510), or the Samsung 830. Do Not pay alot of attention to Sequencial Benchmarks, as these are the least important and to top it off most are quoted using UNcompressed data. Look for PCmark Vantage benchmarks and AS SSD benchmarks (Look at small File random 4K performance).
  2. +1^.

    I was in your shoes not too long ago. The thought of OS + fast-loading games convinced me against SSD caching and went with a 128GB Crucial M4.
  3. Ugh, Have to go return my RAM now...the RAM the guys suggested was a an 8 gig kit x 2 at 1.65v but I have sandy bridge...

    What are your thoughts on the Mushkin reccomended on the best SSD for the money page?


    PS Thanks for the 120/128 is plenty for OS, office, and some games? I can still use the 1TB for other applications yes?
  4. Are you referring to the Mushkin Chronos Deluxe? It uses a Sandforce controller, which has had history of instability, but is very fast.

    I went with Crucial (Marvell controller) because it was the popular medium between speed and reliability.

    Yes, 120/128 is suffice for OS + your most frequently used programs/games. Use the mechanical drive mainly for storage and applications that you use sparingly.
  5. Thanks so much guys! One last question...Do I need to be concerned about my RAM being 1.65v with a 2500K? The MB website does not support my EXACT kit, but it does support a 12Gb kit with the same timing and voltage...I DO plan on OC the 2500K, and will be running it on water with a Apogee HD in line with my watercooled 6950->Bios flashed->6970 on a full cover waterblock. I am running a 320 sized radiator (3 fans). Do I need to exchange my RAM and pay the restocking fee?

  6. Asked about the Crucial M4, Sam 830, etc...but they did not have any in the size I needed. Wound up getting a 120GB OCZ Vertex 3 for $199. I know it is SandForce, but seemed the best deal there...

    TY again for all your help all!

  7. OK need some assistance setting this up.

    My MB (Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3) comes with 3 x Sata 2 ports, 2 x Sata 3 ports, and 2 x GSATA 3 ports (marvell)

    I have:

    1 Vertex 3 120GB SSD
    1 Seagate 1TB 7200.11
    1 SATA BlueRay Burner
    1 SATA DVD RW Drive.

    What jacks does each item go into, and what settings in BIOS for each?

    Thanks so much for the help!

  8. SSD + Seagate HDD to SATA 6Gb/s ports (not the ones with Marvell Controller)
    BD Burner + DVD Drive to SATA 3Gb/s ports

    BIOS setting = AHCI (should be default)
  9. Thanks no benefit to having the optical drives on the GSATA with the marvell controllers?

    Small question that I am mulling over while waiting for my CPU block to get here today via UPS...

    I have a (bought in 08?) Fatality X-Fi soundcard, or I can use the onboard newer tech:

    Realtek ALC889 codec
    High Definition Audio
    Support for Dolby® Home Theater
    Support for S/PDIF Out

    Is there a compelling reason to go with a legacy PCI-E sound card over a newer tech onboard sound? Most music is played over SONOS through my stereo, so this sound if mostly for games, and the occasional movie/blueray playback....

  10. I've been made to believe that optical disk drives are not supported on the Marvell controllers (refer to your motherboard manual).

    For sound, it's such a subjective topic that the go-to advice is: try both of them out and find the one that works for you (not like any of them is costing you money - unless you're going to get a new sound card).
  11. Just got back from Vegas.
    On your question on Ram Voltag vs SB. Intels spec is max Ram Voltage for SB is 1.575 Volts - Reqcomended is 1.500 V. I know some Used 1.65 V Ram (Many already Had), Myself I'm using 1.60 CL7 DDR3 ram (only 0.025 over) and again I already Had the ram.
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