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Help to upgrade or not to upgrade

Well I need some help I currently have two 4890's in CF and I can't seem to play battlefield very well it runs ok on automatic settings I get anywhere from 22-40fps average is around 30fps I need to disable lighting effects in order to get that lol, playing on 1920 by 1080res. So what I was wondering is should I get a new card right now I was thinking a 6950 or should I just wait until the 7000 series comes out? system specs 1090t OC to 3.85ghz 16gb ddr3 1866( I do allot of video and photo crap ram hungry) MB 990fx-ud5. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. If you are sticking with AMD cards, then wait until the 7000 series arrives to make any decisions.
  2. My guess is if you're playing BF3 *now*, and are not enjoying it *now*, you probably would want to upgrade *now* lol. Waiting for the next gen may save you some money, or get you more FPS . . . *later*.

    With BF3 your current interest, you might want to read:,3063.html

    to guide your upgrade choice.
  3. yea... it's kind of a tossup I enjoy the game but it is very choppy at times and other times its fine. I am more worried about if I wait is 7870 going to be 300$ and is the 7950 or what ever going to be $400 and something and neither are going to go down in price for 6months lol.
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    might be waiting awhile, and from what i understand the first 7000 series cards are the same as the 6000 series, just on a smaller process. not even worth waiting for most likely. you want the new build 7000 series, could be waiting awhile. not to mention there could be supply problems, could be a paper launch. prices could be high for that reason. the 6000 series is good and matured. not to mention i get the sense everything is just going to get more expensive now. americans printing off money like its going out of style. massive debts. whole countries economies tanking. nows the time to buy

    id suggest a 6950 now. the guy above me stressing *now* nailed it. you want to enjoy bf3 now. its not like directx 12 is coming out in the 7000 series, so ull be safe
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  6. Thanks for the input every one I went and ordered a 6950 and cant wait for it to come and your right neonneophyte I don't think I am going to be able to afford 400 down the road lol.
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