Motherboard support ddr3 2400mhz

Hello, I want to know what motherboard support pc3 19200.
Thanks so much
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  1. Why? Do you understand while memory faster than DDR 3 1600 is out there there is almost no performance advantage to using it?

    Also while you can run faster memory on the board the memory controller in the 2nd and 3rd generation Intel® Core™ processors won't support it and it doesn't help in overclocking.

    The last thing with DDR 3 faster than 1600 is that it is pushing the voltage up over 1.65v which the processor wont support and is known to damage the processors' memory controller.

    So in the end at least if you are using an Intel Core processor it doesnt make sense to use anything faster than DDR 3 1600.
  2. Thanks for reply.
    Using AMD processor.
    What do you recommend?
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