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I am looking for a good gaming laptop that can play Modern Warfare 3 and Tanki Online without complications. I need to be able to do school activities on it also. I'd like it to be lightweight and fast. It can be used or refurbished. It would be nice if I could connect to wifi without an adapter and be able to hook up a controller to it. eBay, newegg, and amazon are good websites. If this is too high a demand for 400 just say. Resolution would be good above 720p. Video and streaming must be good.
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  1. I would say its too high a demand for under $400. $600 maybe.
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  4. What is the best asus laptop you can buy Refurbished for 400 and can play flash based games without anyproblems and has built in wifi. That's all I need
  5. For $400, you can not get a brand new "gaming" laptop for just about $400.

    You can get a used one, from Craiglist, but even then you'll be hard-pressed.

    I'm not discouraging you, but, as someone who had recently bought a new laptop, with tons of research, I wouldn't bank on it.

    Check out Lenovo, but stay away from HP, Dell, Alienware (you won't be able to afford this one anyways).

    For $400, APU might be your best bet, but check out the graphic card of the laptop you are purchasing as to how it does for the game you are playing.

    I play SC2, so I was checking benchmarks for SC2 to whatever laptop I was choosing, I advise doing the same, so there are no surprises at the end.
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