The socket on the 720 mobo for the front I/O panel connector is different size i

I am wondering how to connect the front I/O panel connector to the new 720 mobo when the socket on the 720 is a different size than the one on the old 710 mobo.
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  1. Hello... Pins in a connector, can be easily removed and re-inserted, if a different pin pattern is required... Look from the front, and insert a needle, to the side with the pin hold tab, push the wire forward, so too help the tab release from the plastic housing, once released, pull the wire/pin back, out of the plastic housing... Re-insert paying attention to getting the pin hold tab, aligned with plastic housing.

    Other times you must remove all the pins and wires... and cut/sand the plastic housing smaller for proper alignment, or locate a new plastic housing for your needs.
  2. I am wondering how you do that on a ribbon cable? The ribbon cable and socket on the 710 has 39 pins and the socket on the 720 has 27 pins. any advice here, thanks
  3. Hello... you will have to go into the Motherboard manuals and Case manuals, compare the connection names and I/O placements/assignments... and see where you stand on aligning them... ribbon cables can be easily split and custom inserted back into the plastic housing just like pins... but the housing just presses thru the insulation, of the ribbon cable, to the wire... harder to do, but much cheaper to produce and make, since no other parts ( PINS ) are required... Sometimes changing the wire asignments, on the other end, I/O Panel, will be easier than at the motherboard side connector, in your case.
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