Was it worth building?

First time building a computer. What could I have done better?

$88 AMD Phenom X2 560
$20 MSI 880G-E45 (bundle with CPU)
$35 CoolMaster 500W Extreme V3
$25 Corsair XMS DDR3 2x4GB
$78 WD 500GB 16mb 7200RPM
$28 Thermaltake V3 BE
$20 24x Sata DVD-RW
$20 Logitech Keyboard/Mouse
$40 ASUS HD 6570 1GB DDR3

Paid $450 total --> $350 after rebates.
Did I save enough money to make it worth it?

Also, I OC memory to 1600MHz and unlocked and overclocked CPU in BIOS by increasing multiplier to 17x and unlocking cores. Passed Prime95 7hour stress test with auto voltage and max temp 59C. Is it stable?

Sorry, I'm really new to this, but couldn't have done it without this community.
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    For around 350 I can't see any way to have done that cheaper.

    You could have done it better by going with a more balanced gpu like a 6770. But that would only help if you play games or other GPU related tasks and of course that would cost 110 instead of the 40 you spent on video.

    If it does not crash after 7 hours of prime, and it does not crash while you are using it from day to day then its safe to say its stable.
  2. Thanks for your response! How do you know CPU/GPU balance? I'm considering upgrading to the 6770 if the 6570HD will bottleneck. Will it make a big difference?
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  4. I used the term balanced simply because that CPU and board has the potential to get better performance in the newest video games if it had a fast video card. However if your not playing the newest video game your 6570 is more than enough.
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