Nvidia drivers have stopped responding and recovered

I have an i5 2500k 700 watt psu 16 gb patriot ram p8p67 le motherboard and have tried a 8400gs and a gtx 460 both giving me the same issue. I am using windows 7 64 bit. I have tried primetest 95 tortue trest every ram stick individualy, many differnt drivers, updated my bios.
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  1. I had this same problem for the longest time, I got so mad over it, it was the MOST ANNOYING THING IN THE WORLD until I fixed it. Tell us when it happens. You may or may not have the same problems as me, so most people will tell you to update the drivers. For some reason, when I removed two of my 4 ram sticks out of my system, it ran like a charm. for me, it was whenever I did something graphics intensive. then I fixed it and now I am very happy.
  2. it happens usualy whenever i run youtube which is the worst for it but just about anything can cause it but it is more likely if i do something graphics intesive yes like running games will cause it to happen also.
  3. btw i also reformated my hardrive and installed just windows then the drivers for my 8400gs and i still got the same issue
  4. Are you using Firefox? If so, stop. I installed Windows 7 last weekend and had the same issue with my GTX 560 and GTX 460. Black screen for a moment and then that message. Someone in the EVGA forums said if it only occurred while browsing and you use Firefox that was most likely the cause. I had 10 episodes of this in three days. Swithched to Opera 11.5 and its been four days without a crash. Win 7, Firefox 7 and current Nvidia drivers don't seem to play nice.
  5. I had the same issue and I am using IE9 , I ended up uninstalling all cards and cleaning out all drivers then installing the cards wiith the install cd and then updating the drivers. I would still get it ocasionally so I went back to IE8 and it seems to be fine now.
  6. malmental i didnt get a 8400gs to replace my gtx 460 i got it for the exact reason it was a cheap way to test my computer with another graphics card (also i think ill give it to my dad who still uses aol lol)
  7. jeffredo i am just using internet explorer atm and usually i use google chrom but i well try the browser you suggested. btw i didnt get this issue like once in a while if i tried to watch youtube or play starcraft 2 this was impossiable and would constantly happen every minuter or so once it start happenings i feel it gets worse and worse once it starts happening.
  8. i am only useing one graphics card at a time.
  9. Nope neither works they both result in the same issue ;( though im not exactly sure if it is the graphics card since it doesn't seem likely that both are broken since i bought them new even if it is from frys -,o.
  10. it says instead while i play sc2 that the error is because i have run out of pooled memory or something like that.
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