Can't edit message.

I can't edit a message I've posted in a thread I started. I wanted to change it to a Question so I can select the best answer.
When I try to edit in any way it says:
"You are not allowed to edit this message!".
I've tried editing the host file as per the earlier thread, to no avail.
DNS and that stuff is beyond my knowledge I''m afraid, so I hope I did it correctly.

Just seeing if I can edit this...
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  1. Look at your thread. Does it have in the URL, or .com?
  2. Editing on the UK forum is hit-and-miss. It often won't let you. If you log into the US forum ( ) you should be able to edit it.
  3. Hmmmnnn....
    All the threads I've posted are all on
    I'm in the UK, so I'm not sure whether that makes a difference.
    Interestingly, the problem seems to have dissapeared now...
    I'm not sure if it's a forum bug, or a classic PICNIC case. :??:
  4. Good deal. :)

    The issue is usually because of the UK forum.
  5. Best answer
    Yep, and it happens as a result of IP routing - sometimes it thinks you are in Europe, which sends you over to the .uk version.
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