Not able to access internet but able to ping

I have a home network of 3 cmputers. DHCP from router. 1 computer is not getting address. But if I assign it one, with same gateway and dns(not a duplicate ip of others), it can ping internally, and outside. I can do tracert to and ping it (google DNS). But I can't get to internet. So - i can get out, but nothing coming in. I have checked firewall. Any suggestions?
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  1. look up your ISP's DNS Servers
  2. i tried that too...even used google's dns. tried running winsockfix too...
  3. See if there is a check in the Proxy Server setting under Internet Options >> Connections >> LAN settings

    If it is checked, uncheck it
  4. It was the TDSS Rootkit. The TDSSKiller got it for me. Thanks All.
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