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Can I use the following PSU in the Antec 900 case?
The intake fan is on top of the PSU and I can't make it face outside the case.


Antec Nine Hundred

My current system wasn't booting, so I decided to use this as an opportunity to upgrade.
I bought this HX750 to go in a FT02 case.

However I was able to test it out and conclude that my old PSU died on my current system.
Can I use it in my old ANTEC 900 case while postponing the purchase of the new case and other components until the HD 7970 is available?

Thanks & regards,
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  1. If you face the PSU with the intake fan facing the bottom of the case, how much clearance is there between the bottom of the PSU and the case?
  2. Turn the psu over, like magic the fan is up.
  3. Bottom mounted PSUs with the intake fan pointed up is an all around sub-par configuration.

    You can easily drop screws or other stuff into it with the intake facing up.

    It also goes against every good idea anyone has ever had about airflow management. Intakes aren't front top and exhausts aren't rear bottom for a reason.

    It would be better to just mount it intake down and suffer through a lack of clearance for breathing in many applications.
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    That's horrible advice. While a bottom mounted psu is not the best idea, that's how most cases are these days, and mounting it without the fan facing up would be a mistake.

    Dropping a screw in it would be quite difficult since you work on a computer when it's on it's side.

    As long as you have a top rear fan and/or a top fan, your getting plenty of exhaust out the top.
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  6. More like you are good at convincing people to do things that aren't smart yourself.

    Here is a guide from this site that specifically says that your "best answer" is fail.,3053-4.html

    more specifically

    Also, since when is the bottom mount PSU not the best idea? What are you comparing this to exactly? The top mount PSU is clearly worse than an adequate bottom mount setup.

    I am not a big fan of mounting the PSU with the intake fan down and only a little bit of clearance - edit - and no holes in the bottom - end edit -, but it is in no way clear that your method is the lesser of two evils, especially when we don't even know how much clearance there even is.
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