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First off Mods if this is in the wrong spot I'm sorry. its not a Water Cooled build so I put it in Cases and Mods..

Ok, so I finally disided to breakdown and build a new PC case.

I'll put up a few pictures here for you guys.


ASRock 770 extreme3 Motherboard
AMD Phenom II 555 BE X2 (Unlocked to Quad core B55 X4, and slight Overclock)
Coolermaster Hyper 212+ Evo CPU Cooler
Gskills 8 GB Ripjaws X DDR3 1600 Ram
EVGA GeForce GTX 550Ti (factory overclock model) 1GB GDDR5 PCI-E 2.1
Antec 550 Basiq Modular Power Supply
Mushkin Sata III 60 GB Boot Drive (Win7 Home Professional to Save some space)
Seagate Barracuda 500 GB 7200 RPM Storage Drive
Samsung DVD/CD Burner/Reader
Coolermaster HAF 922 BLUE Case
NZXT Black Sleaved LED light string (blue 12 bulb)
120mm Coolmaster Sickleflow Case Fan (blue)

The Plan:

Take this cool looking case, paint the inside Ford Engine Blue and use a black Sleaving kit from to coverup and dress all my wires. Then build it out with the new lights and parts.

The Cost:

New Case $89.99
New Cooler $34.99
New SSD Drive $69.99
Sleave Kit plus Some Extensions for wiring $55.99
LED kit $13.97
Paint $6.99
Primer $4.99
My old parts.. God only knows XD :D
20+ hours of my time.. Nothing, this is mah hobby

The Pics:

The Case before:

(stock photo mine was too blurry)

After unscrewing and unplugging and drilling rivets out I have it down to a shell.

Here are some views of the frame.

After paint

Rebuilding with pop rivets

Some of my sleaves

Starting the wiring

Wiring Finished.. Oh my aching hands

Side view up and running

And a view thro the side window.

I'll get a new shot outside with the power on so the whole thing can be seen better.

Hope you Enjoy...

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  1. DAYUM! That's AWESOME! Any detailed instructions on how to disassemble, especially with the rivets? I want to do this with my HAF 912!
  2. 3mm drillbit will persuade rivets to give up their dayjob,
    apart from that its looking at your case to see how it goes together,
    go for it and post your log as well dude :)
  3. Motopsychojdn said:
    3mm drillbit will persuade rivets to give up their dayjob,
    apart from that its looking at your case to see how it goes together,
    go for it and post your log as well dude :)

    Oh yeah you need a drill with a special drill bit to get the rivets out..I remember this from metal shop elective at my school...
  4. No special bit, just a normal Hss metal (as opposed to drillbits for wood) one will do,
  5. I used a 1/8th inch metal bit and 1/8 by 1/8 aluminum rivets (easier to "POP" then steel)

    Every so often a rivet will spin instead of drilling out. just hold the back of it with needle-nose pliers

    When you put the case back together make sure to put the sides back on before you rivet it back in place so it comes out square and the sides fit.

    The riveting part is easy. its taking the time to prep it for paint thats time consuming.

    Good luck, I'll post more pics after work today.
  6. /clap very nice

  7. Less Blurry

    Still kinda stock looking on the outside... but sitting here looking into it is totally awesome

  8. Best answer
    Looks good in the bottom pic man :)
  9. Nice job ! .. To be honest I hate ( stock ) Hafs ..... but for some reasont the mod'd ones come out really nice ( yours included ) again .. nice job ! I have a vid somewhere of a cool haf mod ... I'll see if I can find :)
  10. Thanks guys... Already thinking about my next mod. I will post a better more detailed log this time.

    This is what I was using

    Xion 101

    Thinking of Modding it next.
  11. Best answer selected by AlderonnX.
  12. Thanks for sharing...
  13. And thank you for B.a. man, :)
    have you been in my Radbox thread yet?
    its getting there hehe
  14. Really nice rig cosmetically, and specs aren't bad. GPU needs work but still can handle most you throw at. Nice work :) I love how clean the wiring is. How are you liking that board? I was going to pick it up @ Microcenter with a cpu combo coming out to 69 bucks but went with ASUS Sabertooth 990 instead, but your board was my 2nd pick :)
  15. Thx, Moto.. yeah kept getting emails asking me to pick a best answer. I'll go check out your radbox now.

    @ Phishy I have had no issues at all with this board. But the 990 chipsets weren't out when i bought this board in july 2010.

    I would get a 990 myself if i were buying today for the ability to SLI. As for the GTX 550Ti it does fine for my single 1900x1080 22" AOC LED screen. I play Skyrim on high, And although I no longer play WOW, RIFT, or SWTOR it runs them all on maxed out with very playable frame rates. I built a 2500K/HD 6870 Build for a friend and there was no noticeable difference between the two side by side. (I'm sure benchmarks would show a big difference ) So I'm going to stay with this setup until the GTX 600 series get out in full force and upgrade then.

    ATM I'm playing Skyrim and Yogsbox modded Minecraft on it wile I wait for Guildwars 2 to launch.

    Thx to all that commented on this thread and I'll be working on something else really cool for a case mod real soon. Look for Build Log [Mean Green] in the next couple months.
  16. Ok, Plans change its Build Log [Black Box] instead of [Mean Green].... However don't be sad all the parts I purchased are still going to be used.

    However I am only posting it on since I want to compete in the mod of the month contest and posting the build log on other sites disqualifies me.

    Heres the link and I hope you check it out!


    PS... I'm still posting here as well. (just not that build log)
  17. Looks like a nice project man, One word though, be very careful sandblasting that, I don't think it will take a full barrage as its so thin (let alone old and a bit erm, characterised/Rusty)
    Shaping to be a good Sp build though and I'll be watching it so post here when you update please :)
    just a message to say, not anything that would get you DQ'd :)
  18. Thx Moto. I will for sure .

    Also its more like a safe then a breadbox. its about 17 pounds, 3 or 4mm thick sides and top. At least 2-3 times thicker then a car panel. And the bottom is about as thick as a 4 pin molex plug laying flat. They really over built things in the 20's
  19. Thats why I love older stuff, it was made to last :)
    So we could mod it in the future hehe
  20. Updated!!!
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