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Sorry if I posted this incorrectly, but please excuse me. My son is a big gamer, and his system just crashed. I need to select a good processor, motherboard, and memory to build a good gaming computer.
He has a antec 900 case, antec 1000W, powersupply, hard drive, and windows 7 64 bit home version. I think an I-5 2500 would be a good start. Thanks again.
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  1. I also forgot to add he is running two 460GTX in sli. looking to spend under $400.00 if possible
  2. A "crash" doesn't mean that any hardware is needed. Tried repairing or reinstalling windows ?

    MoBo ($200) -

    CPU ($220) -

    RAM ($47) -

    I know that's $67 over budget but each is a "no compromise" selection.
  3. Thanks Jack. I took it to our local computor store and they advised the motherboard is shot. The processor is an old 8400. At this point I think it best to upgrade to the I-7 2500.

    How is you board compared to the AS Rock P67 Extreme 4 Gen 3?

    What memory would you suggest to go with the new build? Keep gaming in mind.

    Thank you
  4. When I check the ram you mentioned with the corsair website for compatability with the motherboard you suggested it shows that memory as 4 X 2gb . I would prefer 2 X 4gb . Either Corsair or New Egg has a misprint.

    Please I need help for a good 8GB ram for the above setup.
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