Cant figure out at what speed my RAM is running.

Not sure how to post a screenshot.
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  1. Go into your Motherboard bios. Restart your computer, and when it beeps, press the corresponding button. (MY asus board is delete, some are f8 or f10) poke around and you should be able to find your RAM speed without a problem.
  2. Did that i can see both speeds there 1133 and 2133
  3. Listing system specs would help us help you.
  4. got it thank you
  5. Sure thing.
  6. Asus SaberTooth P67Motherboard Intel I5 2500k cpu. OCZ vortex 3 ssd and one WD 2tb drives. 8gb of ram. 2 MSI 560 TI in SLI Coolermaster V10 cpu cooler
  7. Ok CPUZ just gave me a whole new set of numberr PC3-10700 (667 MHz)
    ANd my ram is 2133MHZ PC3
  8. Your RAM is running at 1333 ( DDR = Double data rate 667 * 2 = 1333 )because that's what the onboard memory controller on the i5 2500K defaults to. If you want it to run faster you will have to set it manually in BIOS.

    You should make sure that your memory is 1.5v because going over that voids the CPU warranty. Technically going over 1333 speeds also voids the CPU warranty. Going over 1.5v or 1333 speed overclocks the onboard memory controller on the CPU.

    I have not seen anyone have problems running DDR3 1600 as long as it was 1.5v but especially with older P67 boards some people have problems with runnings speeds faster than that. Going over 1.5v can damage the CPU.
  9. I see. Finaly it makes sanse.Maybe its not worth it?
  10. Only way to know for sure is to try. As long as you stay at 1.5v ( +/- .08 so technically 1.58v is safe ) in my opinion it will not hurt to try to run your memory at the rated speed. If you start getting blue screens or random restarts then try DDR3 1600 cas 9. I have not seen that give any problems at all with P67/Z68.
  11. to be honest i am comfortble with bios. What setings i shuld change?
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