Memory stick bad?

Hello everyone,

I recently ran memtest86 to check my 2x4gb sticks for errors. At first run I got this:

So I took out my 2nd stick and just left one in, ran memtest again and got no errors after 3 passes.

I then took that stick out and put the other one back into the same slot. Again, ran 3 passes and turned up no errors. Is it possible that the other slot is bad?

Should I run the last 2 tests again but let it run over night do do more passes?

So many issues with my PC lately was hoping that one of the memory sticks would be trash, I could replace it and then be done.

Any opinions/questions/suggestions/concerns?

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  1. Do you have any spare memory banks? if yes test in it, look for the results. Is your computer booting with both the ram's in slot? I mean simultaneously. If its booting right, then a little to worry about. Is your files saving correctly? if yes, then I think there is nothing wrong with your ram. The culprit is your motherboard slot. Best of luck.
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