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Dual Monitors: 1 DVI-VGA + 1 HDMI - Not Working

Okay, here's the skinny:

I have these workstations I am setting up at a job and they are all set up the same way with PCI-Ex16 ATI video cards (don't remember the type of ATI but they're all within 2 years old) with x1 VGA x1 DVI and x1 HDMI. We have two viewsonic LCD screens (22 inch) setup on all stations with one HDMI and one DVI-D to VGA cable leading to the video cards. On three of the stations this method works without a hitch (Windows 7). On the older desktop however (WinXP with the ATI card) this setup does not work but before the move to the new office it DID work (different monitors).

Now this is where I am:

Both displays are detected but the second monitor (the one with the adapter) will not attach (the box is light shaded blue). When I go to attach and extend the desktop both screens black but only the left monitor (HDMI) comes back up and the other stays black. When I unplug the second monitor both screens black again and the first monitor will come back up and the second stays black. The resolution of the first monitor acts as if both monitors are enabled (the resolution will increase ridiculously to the 3xxx range as if it wants to spread the image across both monitors) but when I try to change the resolution only the first monitor has any sort of reaction and the second stays black. If I unplug the first monitor the second one DOES work.

What I am going to try:

I will update the drivers when I get back on the job site and give that a go but I do not feel that this will work (because it already worked prior to the move). Is there anything else I can try aside of ordering a new video card and updating the drivers? I am hoping someone can help because I need to knock this out as fast as possible due to the amount of work I have there and the office opening soon and the doctors who are already on my ass :sarcastic:. Thank you for the help.


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    Since you have a VGA out on GPU
    did you try a direct VGA hookup instead of using adapter?

    also I would try using the GPU from one of the working towers
    (as long as it is the same it would be a easy swap)
    to make sure the GPU isnt defective

    also check settings in the control panel of the video card (ATI Catalyst Control or NVidia Panel)

    though I usually use the windows display to configure displays
    maybe using the GPU maker control panel might work

    let me know if this helped
  2. So direct VGA + HDMI or VGA + DVI-VGA adapter? I am assuming VGA + HDMI. I can give that a go definitely. As far as using the Catalyst control panel I did try that and no dice--it didn't even recognize the second monitor there (as opposed to Windows detecting both). I will also try swapping out the video cards but I just have a feeling it is some silly reason as to why this isn't functioning properly and I am missing it... I am leaning towards the adapter at this point. Any more suggestions for me? I want to compile them to test for tomorrow morning and I will report back.

    Thank you for the quick response
  3. Did you make sure both displays are set for native resolution and refressh rate

    I notice with ATI Cat Control Center (CCC) that sometimes it reads the EIDI
    info from monitor wrong and sets the wrong refresh rate or resolution

    Also I would set both for 60Hz refresh to be on the safe side

    Does it let you change settings for secondary display?
    Otherwords does it completely recognize it and allow setting changes
    Because if true then it makes me think that it is hardware related

    Reset both displays to defautt factory settings
    usually a menu option or combo of buttons (ie menu and up/down etc)
    can find reset instructions in manual

    also be real careful with cables and adapters
    sometimes a pin can be bent or missing
    visually inspect

    I will keeping thinking about this and get back to you
  4. I did not reset the refresh rate but I did attempt to set both to the native resolution and when I did it automatically reset the second monitor back to 1024x720 (I thought this was strange) but the first monitor accepted the resolution change. And Catalyst does let me change the settings for the second monitor but it does not let me attach it (when I go to enable the second monitor, which it detects, it 'fails'--both screens go black but only the first monitor turns back on--similar to attaching it with Windows). I remember having a similar problem to this when my second monitor was out of range of the resolution... Any thoughts on it failing to change resolution?
  5. google your monitor model and see if there is a driver download
    many manafacturers have drivers available for their monitors
    try to use the OEM website for download if possible
    maybe works on win7 and not XP due to being newer than XPs drivers list
    so loading an improper driver

    right click my computer>manage>device manager
    then click on monitor
    to bring up driver properties
    to see date and make of current driver
  6. if you have trouble finding monitor driver
    post back model number and I will try to help locate driver
  7. Ok, I solved the issue today. I downloaded the new video drivers and installed them + the Catalyst software software but that didn't help. Also tried the monitor driver and Windows had already installed the latest driver but I repaired the driver and no change. However, for whatever reason the video card did not want to use the digital and analog signal simultaneously (VGA + HDMI)--only when I changed the VGA cable to a DVI + the HDMI did both monitors work together. Which is strange because all of the other PCs have the VGA + HDMI setup... Oh well. Thank you for the help.

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