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Currently I am hosting 2 websites (well, same website really) on 2 computers in my house, both on the same external IP via NAT on my router.

One website is www.domain.tld and references the computer on my internal network.
The other site is www.domain.tld: port and references the computer on my internal network.

I'm looking for a better way to do this other than creating a link to another port, and I've already registered a sub domain but I'm confused on how to set up virtual hosts and DNS records don't let you specify port numbers.

Some way or another, I would like to have my main domain reference the server at just like it does now, but then rather than having a separate port number, having a subdomain (sub.domain.tld) reference the server at on my network.

Both computers are using HFS 2.2f.

Is this possible to set up without Apache?

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  1. But that doesn't help because I have 2 different web servers, on the same address, and neither one uses Apache.
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