Good motherboards for around $130

I am building my new gaming rig based on the color black and red. I am looking for a motherboard that would look nice with my red vengeance ram and run nicely. I am slo going to purchase an AMD 6300FX
AM3+ cpu socket.
990FX chipset

I hear the 990 FX chipset is much faster than the 970 ,so I think i'd rather go with that. I'm having a hard time finding a quality motherboard such as ASUS that is red, but in my budget.
I also hear ASROCK is owned by ASUS, so is the quality the same?
This motherboard has caught my attention even though it's a little out of my budget:

Is this motherboard any better? :
The m5199FX PRO R2.0 wouldnt match my theme at all, but is it really noticable? I want this computer to output maximum performance for the price but look pretty nice too.
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  1. Any motherboard by ASUS is good quality, mainly check out the reviews by people on places such as newegg. Just take the DOA reviewer's very lightly, newegg has a great return policy so don't worry about that.

    But I was told once that the Motherboard is one thing that the price is just about features. The higher the price, the more the features. I understand you want RED motherboard but ones like the ASRock Fatal1ty and the ASUS Crosshair are, as you said, above your desired budget.

    But that ASUS motherboard is good if you don't mind the feature difference of it and the ASRock motherboard. Compare the two, find which one suits your needs.

    (I can't remember anything about ASUS buying ASRock but I would go with the ASUS motherboard from personal preference. They are my favorite motherboard manufacture, but to each their own)
  2. My personal choice

    I tend to go with either gigabyte or ASUS if I have the budget
    AFAIK gigabyte has the better power delivery
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